Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Having survived a couple trips to emergency room with Bob and then the hospital for a few days, that was followed by bout of illness for both of us. Then the holidays came which can do even the hardiest of souls in but finally a reprieve from our "winter" of extra cold weather.

Buckman bridge from Manderin

It was a balmy 48 degrees Saturday so we fit a nice road trip in our week and drove over to Walter Jones Memorial Park . The museum, and old school house were both enjoyable as well as informative and the stroll around the park on paved paths felt especially appreciated after a few months of doing nothing. Usually I take a ton of photos when we are on road trips but this time I snapped only a few...Mostly of the beautiful ancient trees and their trunks. The weather was a perfect 48 degrees with no wind and lots of sunshine creating lovely soft shadows.

After a couple hours of enjoying the sun and scenery at the park we drove to 'Iggys Bar and Grill' and enjoyed a great fish and chips dinner with a glass of beer. A great day was had by all.

Sunday, December 6, 2015


is never an easy task  and dealing with the feelings  that are part of it is an emotional affair to say the least. 
The bamboo free to spread where ever it wants to go...
We have lived in this house only a short 15 years but during that time span I have had a love affair with my back yard which I affectionately called my garden. Bob helped me built a tea room off the one side of the house complete with walls made of jasmine covered lattice, mirrors and art work and seating for 4. A nice lace to relax in the late spring or early fall. 

Next to that I had an outdoor studio where I could work on messy stuff. It had a canopy made of mesh screening to help keep the sun off of me on sunny days, an outdoor sink with running water and a place to sit if a break was needed. 

Farther back on same side I had a pergola that housed all my paintings. Bob built it for me the first winter we lived here and I loved it dearly...It was covered in three types of jasmine and smelled so divine every spring. You could smell our back yard from the street. We had two benches where you could sit out of the hot sun if you desired. 

Next to the pergola was a section of bare ground that had acquired the name, on the first day of living here,  "The grave yard." That is where Bob put all the bird houses he made perching them on post in various heights. It was like a small town. It had a train station, church, school house, soda fountain and feed and seed shop. They were so cute poking up out of the tree branches like a town in the hills.

Then there is my ancient sand pine we named the 'ugly tree' that I dearly love and I am sure will be one of the first things to be removed with new owners...But I will try to not think about it since I have no control and need to let go. 

I walk around and look at the beautiful trees we planted that are finally coming into their own. In the spring the wild plums bloom but have not gotten fruit yet. The magnolia is finally blooming and looking wonderful. The Palatka Holly is 40 feet tall now  and my Mary Noll Holly has overgrown her space but is thriving. My pergola is in full bloom every spring and my wisteria surprised me and started growing a couple of years ago...full of beautiful hanging bloom every spring.  I am going to try to get one started from the seed pods...for my new yard.

I spent some of each day walking around out there taking photos of the daily blossoms and critters I found and captured with my camera. I had a number of ideas for future art but as happens, life gets in the way of our plans.

We are moving closer to my daughter to have better access to shopping and events in preparation for when we can't drive ourselves around...It is not something we like to think about but I can attest to the need for giving up your licence at a timely age every day when I read the accidents caused by elderly drivers..In my county 68% of the population is over the age of 65...You would think they would have planned this when touting it as being a place for retirement...planned shopping and transportation and of course being a healthy and active 60+ age I didn't think of it then nor did Bob who could keep up with the best of them. 

It was sad for me to watch Barry taking apart the lawn mower garage so he could move it to his place for the riding mower we gave him.
Barry hard at work trying to get the parking garage taken apart
Taking my garden apart and packing it up is one of the hardest things I have ever done with a home and we have had 3 homes to move from...Once I figure out what I want to keep and use up in my new tiny yard I will see if any one wants the remainder and after that it will go on the curb for free pick up...

Tonight as a car went roaring up the street with the music so loud reverberating from speakers and our two  neighbors have all moved, one from a rental but the other from relocating I knew we have made the right decision. Both house are large, 4 and 6 bedrooms and we have nothing against families but the neighborhood seems to attract unsavory and unsettled  kinds so will not mind leaving it all behind. 

It has been a long journey this year getting through all the paper work required to purchase a short sale home and now finally seeing a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel but I think we should be moved by mid to end of January.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Today was a potluck luncheon for Bob's surveillance unit. I do not like potlucks or buffets since it seems I have less control over what I eat but today I did pretty good. Here is what I ate.
A few slices of ham and a bite of scalloped potatoes
pulled pork

a bite of coleslaw
corn pudding

A few bites left 

sliver of cheese cake and key lime pie

No bread, cake, cookies or soda!
No cream salads or icky green bean casserole!
No going back for seconds 
even though 
I really wanted another slice of pie!


Tuesday, November 3, 2015


 Today is not such a good day it seems. I went to bed early...early being by 11:00 pm and got my body out of bed by 7:00 am...that should have been a good 8 hours but my Fitbit  said I only got 5 hours sleep and my body feels like it today. I did good on breakfast, having my Shakeology and juice as usual the proceeded to move all the plastic filled storage boxes from these closet shelves and space to the  bedroom with all the other stuff that is stored  from yesterday...(see previous blog) Some of them were extremely heavy with fabric and now I am really tired out and I have a back ache. I probably should not have moved them but it is done now. Frustrating that we can't remove these shelves until I get the remainder of the books packed, my sewing machine cabinet moved and do not need my printer any more.

Lunch was a less then  a satisfying scrambled egg with salsa on it and then set about to figure out a dinner of chicken thighs that did not require much work. I found a crock pot recipe that didn't require but 4 hours to cook on high so it is on to cook will have those and a salad to go with for dinner.


Still working on getting enough exercise and drinking enough water but think I will do okay there also. I feel good that I didn't give in to eating out and got more packing done.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Today is a good day if it is measured in what I accomplished. I enjoyed a Shakeology for breakfast along with some tomato juice to wash down my vitamins and the other two meals were equally good, sardines for lunch and sauteed cabbage and kielbasa for dinner...all within my allowable calorie count. I didn't get the extra steps in that I had wanted to do but got lots of extra exercise. I  needed to get serious about packing so with Bob's help we removed all the stuff from our large hall closet and packed it into boxes...then Bob took the wooden shelves down that needed to be removed. They will be replaced with the original wire shelves. Then more stuff was packed and stored for moving. All the boxes in this photo are from 3 closets and there is still more to pack up in two of the closets. Books, books and more books... 

Friday, October 30, 2015



Today for a 21 day challenge I joined I assessed my mental, emotional and physical health and took measurements of my body…I am definitely an apple…Albeit a  crab apple but soon to change that…I have also made a list of goals I will work to accomplish during the next 21 days and forever after…Here is what I am going to do;

·        Strengthen my core and improve my balance. Important at any age but especially my age
·        Add 500 or more additional steps each day to my daily total until I reach 10,000 plus a day
·        Lose inches overall especially in my waist
·        Lose pounds
·        Journal each day if only a few lines listing my accomplishments and struggles 
·        Spend some time each day doing art
·        Post a daily gratitude affirmation

I have three days to get ready, set,  go! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

WEEK 4 PHOTO CHALLENGE~2015 Outdoor In Nature

~Manmade in Nature~

Came across this old structure in a small town in Rural Florida. Love the contrast between the foliage and the wood.